Epiphany - Christina Jean Michaels Rating: Solid 4

eBook given in exchange of an honest review.

I was drawn to this book by the uniqueness it offered in the blurb and I must say it really delivered! I read the book in one sitting and couldn't stop. The writing was fluid and every sentence had its place, I'm tired of reading poorly books where it feels like the author didn't even read the paragraph back. This was probably the book's winning aspect for me, the dialogue was smooth and reflected the characters well.

Mackenzie was a great heroine who wasn't the whiney stereotype being thrown around in books so much at the moment, she actually cared about Aidan and held herself together realistically throughout the novel. The love interests suit each other and it was lovely to watch their relationship grow, it was slightly insta-lovey but the intense emotions came warranted after both of the baggage they carried, they really needed each other and their connection was believable. Although, I wished they had time to actually just converse and learn more about each others interest, but the book was so fast-paced and exciting.

A lot of things were happening at once and sometimes I felt it was all too much for one story, until all the running plots tie up nicely to each other in the end and they all came to have a point to them, not just running sub-plots for interested. I wouldn't say this book was absolutely amazing but it definitely deserves a 4 and I can't wait for Logan Payne's story in 'Awakening,' in book 2. I have good expectations!!